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I’m ready to transform, but what exactly is online coaching?

My TOP PRIORITIES are to ensure you receive the safest training possible and to help you reach your goals just like so many of my clients. How will we do it? After you fill out an application and I ensure we are a good fit for each other, I will send you a health & fitness questionaire via email. When you fill out my questionnaire, you will provide me with all the information I need to custom design your training and nutrition programs. Any shape, any goal, ANY body… I can help you! We all start somewhere, and together we will achieve your goals.

Online Training

Customized Training Plan

Customized monthly training plan to help you reach your goals, minimize injury & maximize results!

Online Nutrition

Customized Nutrition Plan

Customized monthly eating plan to suit your body type, specific nutritional needs, & goals to keep you on track!

Personal Training

Full-time Email Support

Unlimited email access & support so you never feel alone in the process & to help you become the best you!

Matt Hartsky Fitness

What else do I get with my online coaching program?

• You will receive my 23 years of coaching knowledge & experience, working with thousands of clients across a wide variety of backgrounds and goals.

• You will receive as much email support as you would like. I want you to succeed and get everything I have to offer.

• You will receive accountability from a minimum of weekly check-ins & monthly goal setting for all areas of your health & fitness.

• You will receive an initial assessment to include: a thorough questionnaire where you will share where you are at with your current general health, nutrition, exercise, and goals.

• You will receive an initial phone consultation directly with me to set the stage for your success by making sure we are on the same page with all aspects of your health & fitness, and what can be expected from your online coaching experince with me.

• Based on your inintial assessment & our phone consultation, you will receive a personalized nutrition plan, to include exact food recommendations, and the quantities I recommend for your body and goals.

• Based on your initial assessment & our phone consultation, you will receive a personalized training program, to include a minimum of 28 complete workouts designed for your specific goals.

• You will receive weekly feedback from me (after your check-in) on your eating and training progress.



Must be at least 21 years of age – with no major medical or physical limitations.


Open mind to your training & nutrition coaching & willing to set goals & achieve them.


Be positive and ready to give your 100% ~ whatever that looks like, every day.

You’ve made it this far so, you must be ready to TRANSFORM!

It looks like you are serious about making a lifestyle change; YOU ARE NOT JUST IN IT FOR A QUICK FIX, so I would like to invite you to apply below for an opening in my online coaching program. Spots are LIMITED as I want to ensure each client reaches his/her goals and gets 100% out of my program.

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