Fitness Speaker Matt Hartsky


Matt Hartsky’s wellness presentations are designed and delivered from more than 24 years of coaching experience, beginning  in 1996, working as a high school and college strength and conditioning coach, athletic director, successful gym owner, health and fitness author, national level endurance athlete, sponsored marathon runner, and NPC national level physique athlete.

Matt not only has a bachelor’s degree in Language Arts from Adams State University, and the highest levels of coaching certifications (dozens) in the fitness industry, but has also spoken for numerous businesses, teams, groups, and government organizations.  

Wellness presentations can be delivered on a wide variety of health, fitness, and performance topics including, but not limited to:  weight loss/body composition, strength training/muscular development, aerobic/cardiovascular training, core balance/stability, flexibility/stretching, nutrition adjustment, goal setting, and program design/workout strategies.

Matt’s wellness presentations can also be shaped to several formats, depending on your needs:
• Small Group Physical Fitness Class
• Corporate Event Presentations
• Motivational Speaking
• Keynote Speaking
• Lunch & Learns
• Fireside Chats

Matt loves to meet with leaders in the community, hear about your goals and mission, and then develop a customized presentation.  Whether you are hoping to motivate your team, group, or employees, or get them answers to a wide range of health & fitness questions, we can help paint a picture for your vision and direction. We are passionate about changing mind-sets, attitudes, and perspectives and we would love the opportunity to engage with your group!

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